If you’re reading this as an adult, you’re probably thinking that wearing mens funky socks has something to do with the Christmas season. You know, kind of like those stylish sweaters and sweatshirts people wear when they get into the holiday spirit. Well, funky socks are trending, but the reason you don’t know about them is that adults aren’t the ones wearing them.

If you haven’t noticed, socks of all colours, sizes and designs are making their way into homes. If you have kids, you know that. If you don’t, then you might just now be catching on. Don’t buy into this trend as an adult. There was a reason you didn’t know about it. These socks are cool, yes, but they are for kids to wear, not adults.

If you wear them as an adult, you’re going to look funny. For sure, you don’t have to care what people think, but let’s be clear. Noticing them and wearing them would put you in the category of trying to be like everyone else anyway. Let the kids wear all the funky socks, and they are indeed doing so.
I’m not sure there has ever been a time when funky socks have been cold like this. It is immaculate, and I kind of wish they would have been cool when I was a kid. These socks are trendy, really different, but they don’t look like something an adult would wear.

That’s what you need to know about funky socks. It is cool to wear them for sure if you’re the right age. I’m not even sure that college students would latch on to the trend. It is all about culture and what people perceive the norms to be. You want to live outside the box, but I’m not sure that means adult should be wearing funky socks.

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