About Us

The company was founded and created by Mark Baker in August 2016 and is spearheaded by Mark’s passion for road cycling. Whilst staying in the French city of Limoges during the Tour de France of 2016, it was amongst the buzz of the finish line that the idea of 'Arrivée' was conceived. During the early 2000’s Mark was part of the Dave Rayner Fund and Great Britain National squad and whilst competing, he was re-located to Nantes and Cholét in Western France. It was throughout this time living in France that Mark competed in three racing catagories (Elite, National and Regional) and it was this racing structure that inspired the different collections across the Arrivée brand.

Upon returning to Britain after racing, Mark decided to take up a position within the family business that would provide invaluable knowledge and experience in the world of textiles and clothing. By pairing this knowledge with extensive product research in the areas of sport and performance based clothing, Mark then set out to launch an exclusive brand of cycle clothing that would combine these factors with his passion for cycling. 

Here at Arrivée we believe that a combination of style, performance, innovation and knowledge are key in sparking the passion that many of us know and love within the sport of cycling. By providing world-class performance cycle clothing alongside experienced customer service, we are dedicated to our growing family of customers and hope that you can join us on the rest of our journey....