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Bike Fits
By Mark B Apr 19, 2017 8:00:00 PM Comments

Bike fits are a fairly new thing for most cyclists and many of the larger brands have recognised this and in doing so have added real value to their customers and consumers in their quest to get the correct bike. In recent years riders of all levels have seen many benefits from having a professional fit at their local dealer or bike shop. 

A good position on your bike from a professional bike fit has a number of benefits and these include:

  • Improve overall comfort
  • Help prevent injury
  • Reduce saddle discomfort
  • Help reduce rider fatigue 

Here at Arrivée we recently teamed up with Graeme from G.Cumming Bike Fits at the Arrivée HQ and he helped me get my position right on my bike. I must add here, I thought I was OK and that my position was fine, after all I have ridden and raced bikes for over 20 years. How wrong I was... my saddle had been in the wrong position and cleats where also in the wrong position. Within an hour I was out on the road and instantly felt much more comfortable and at ease on the bike. For me personally, I thought that my saddle was uncomfortable and that the shoes were not really up to scratch. A quick change of the saddle position and moving my cleats back and I was quickly relieved of my discomfort and on my way back to longer rides.

Below I have added a short video showing the recent fit with Graeme and have added his contact details should you wish to get booked in. We are based on the Wirral - approximalteyl 20 minutes from either Chester or Liverpool.

If you have any thoughs, suggestions or advice on position or bike fits then please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading - 

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