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By Matt Aug 11, 2017 10:20:11 PM Comments

Cycling in August in the UK is a funny time of year to ride, weather-wise that is. It’s often muggy, hot and damp. This can sometimes lead to being confused in what to wear when out on your bike. Normally in the UK if it’s wet it is also often cold, so dressing for wet and cold weather cycling is somewhat easier.  As always when out cycling I would recommend taking a small cape or gilet in your middle back pocket. These wrap up very small and sit neatly in your back pocket and can be taken out, worn and put back, all whilst on the move (don’t try this if you’re not an experienced rider though - always pull over and stop before trying to put extra layers on).

The main reason for always taking a cape or gilet with you is simple really - it’s just an extra layer to put over the top of your jersey. Why take an extra item of clothing in August then when it’s warm I hear you ask? Well, if you’re out all day riding for many hours and you have been sweating, your outside jersey may well be wet or damp. It’s always advisable to put an extra layer on at this point, certainly if you’re about to start a long descent or are about to start riding again after a café stop.

Often in August we get a lot of sudden showers followed by sun, so it’s worth remembering to take your cape or gilet out with you. Another thing to consider is what time of day your riding. If your commuting between work and home you may want to also consider taking leg and arm warmers with you. These are easily folded up to be put away in your back pockets as well and can be extremely useful in this type of weather.

From my own personal perspective, I can recommend the intermediate jerseys that are available at Arrivée. These are ideal for early morning or late evening rides when the weather is a bit grey and overcast. Within my own personal cycling kit, I have both the colourways in this jersey and I have found them to be my most used jerseys when riding this year.

I hope you have enjoyed my short entry here – as always please do follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages,

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