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Cycle Clothing Advice
By Max May 31, 2017 12:24:16 PM Comments

Summer is upon us here in the UK and today I want to talk about what to look out for when buying summer cycling clothing. As with winter cycling, summer riding also takes a little bit of thought and planning. Typically during the longer summer days you will be out for longer and if you ride any events such as Gran Fondo or have any cycling holidays booked, then hopefully this will be the case.

Aside from your bike and focusing solely on clothing, bib shorts are the most important part of your summer cycling apparel. There are two different types of cycling shorts available (bib and non bib) but I want to focus only on bib shorts, as these are what you really need to be using if you are spending any serious amount of time on your bike.  As the name suggests, bib shorts come up and over your shoulders and help to hold the shorts in place, stopping them from sliding down.

The main thing to look out for with cycling shorts is the chamois (or padding) as this is what you will be spending many hours actually sat on. Any good brand of cycling clothing will offer a gender specific chamois and this is important as the chamois are shaped differently and designed accordingly to fit the shape of each gender. You want to be looking for a chamois that is well padded on the rear and tapers slightly and becomes thinner on the front.  The stitching on the side of the chamois also needs to have been stitched in such a way (using what is known as an over-locking stitch) to ensure it is durable. The stitching should also be soft to the touch to ensure further comfort.

Another important thing to look out for are the grippers at the knees. These have really improved in recent years and help to hold the shorts in the right place around your knee and leg.  Silicon grippers vary from brand to brand and here at Arrivée we use a number of different grippers depending on each garment (please check out the video for more information) but the main reason they are there is to hold the shorts in place in order to add comfort and support when cycling.

Moving on to cycling jerseys and as with the shorts, its important to focus on comfort. Any good cycling jersey should have a silicon gripper that runs along the base of the jersey. When worn with your bibs shorts this gripper will help to hold your jersey in place and will also help to keep you comfortable over time.

Most cycling jerseys have three rear pockets and these are good for storing your pump, spare inner tubes and even energy bars in. A good feature to look out for and have is a fourth zipped pocket. All the cycling jerseys that we have here at Arrivée Performance Clothing have this fourth zipped pocket and it comes in handy for storing those extra things such as your phone, coins and even keys.

Overall when cycling in the summer, it’s really important to stay comfortable and enjoy your ride. Hopefully this short entry will have added some value to you that you be able to use when your next looking for cycling apparel. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions then please do get in touch.

Until next time riders,

Arrivée Performance Clothing

PS: This blog is focused solely on clothing for summer cycling and I have not gone into detail about other things to consider such as staying hydrated, sun creams, helmets etc. If you love cycling and would like to share your experiences with us or would like to feature in one of our You Tube videos please do get in touch. We are keen to work with and build relationships with people and other businesses whereby we can add real value to cyclists and hopefully improve thier cycling experiences.

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