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Eat Clean - Ride Faster
By Tim Sep 19, 2017 4:32:30 PM Comments

Looking at riding faster and feeling better on the bike?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this is through nutrition and diet. As cyclists we are always obsessed by the weight of our bikes, but the biggest improvement in performance will come from within by making a number of small changes to your diet.

Consider this, a formula one car wouldn’t put diesel in it and as an athlete why would eat the wrong foods and then expect to perform at a good level? There is a lot of information about food and what to eat and avoid but I am personally a big believer in a common sense approach to eating and training. The longer that you ride and more in tune you become with your body the better you will become at listening to it. Over time you will be become very in tune with yourself –then it’s simply a question of letting your body tell you what it needs.

Another thing I have always been a fan of is eating the fruits and vegetables that are in season –its nature’s way of telling what you need to eat. Quite often in this day and age we can get summer fruit in the middle of winter that have been grown and farmed artificially and they are not always the nicest or best things for you.

The old motto of 'eat clean' is a good one to follow and by eating local, seasonal foods that are not heavily farmed and produced I really think that this will help you. Pair this with some good quality training from an experienced coach or even follow your own consistent training plan and I am sure that your performance will increase.  I know this sounds so basic and obvious but it’s the best advice and will work. You don’t need to over complicate training and nutrition – listen to your body, train hard, rest well and eat clean.

Don’t forget as well – dress accordingly for the weather. Cycling is an outdoor sport and here in the UK we are heading into winter so be sure to wear the best winter cycling clothes you can and stay warm and enjoy your riding this winter,

Until next time,

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