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Getting Going
By Lu May 26, 2017 11:20:46 AM Comments

Hello Riders!

So the sun has finally come out (for now!) and so no doubt many of you will be taking the opportunity to get on the bike whilst it lasts! For those of you who are perhaps a little less experienced on the road – now is a great time to really get some practice in before the summer, especially with the days being longer. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my hurdles when starting out in cycling was having to multi-task (the fact that women can multi-task is NOT true!) and on top of actually learning the ropes of how to ride ‘properly’, one of the main factors that played a role in my personal comfort levels was quite frankly – other people! Having cars speed past you on the road, navigating around parked cars, as well as trying to look the part in front of fellow cyclists, are all factors that contributed to me (and I think most people) being unable to fully relax and get to grips with the absolute basics. So my recommendation to anyone starting out, even perhaps before joining a social group or riding club – find somewhere quiet! I first found off-road paths and even industrial estates (at off -peak times!) to be a great place to literally just pedal around and get the feel for the bike and all of its mechanics. By taking away the external pressures of being on a busy road, at least it was possible to concentrate on riding the bike in the first place!

So after riding in quieter places to begin with, I felt brave enough to venture out into the unknown – being on a road on two wheels! Again, I’d recommend for anyone just starting out on the road, choose your time wisely to begin with. I personally prefer riding out of peak times, for both safety and comfort and the summer nights make for perfect riding time when the roads are a little quieter but the light is still perfect. I even think the slight temperature drop later in the day during warmer months makes for the perfect ride time. Anything that make you feel more at ease, especially when starting out is a bonus!

If you’re new to cycling and want the support of other in the same position, don’t worry about being alone. There are plenty of people in the same position and lots of groups that cater to riders of all abilities – so when riding out on the road you have the support and guidance of other riders who have more road experience as well as being understanding of your limitations. For me personally, I like to be left alone when learning anything new (to make a fool of myself in private!) although I do like the support of someone when it all goes wrong – in other words I just want the best of both worlds! I’m the sort of person that likes to learn at my own pace - I like to be shown or told how to do something then I’ll just keep at it until it clicks for me. I think that this is the only way that you can truly gain confidence in cycling, because at the end of the day it’s you in control of your own bike and nobody else. Only you know how it feels and how comfortable you are, whether that be mentally or physically.

So my main piece of advice for what it’s worth, is just get on the bike and have a go! Like learning any new skill, it takes practice and consistency to master it. Much like writing or driving, it will become second nature!

Next time I’d like to talk about other areas of fitness as well and how a variety of exercise can play a big part in really improving your cycling, as well as your overall fitness - so keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

If you have any new experiences or stories that you would like to share then we would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the box below or contact us at

Until next time,


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