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Blog - Getting Value from Your Kit

Getting Value from Your Kit
By Max Jun 9, 2017 1:38:31 PM Comments

We all love cycling and the bikes and kit that comes with it, but there are certain things that need extra consideration when it comes to ensuring that you get value for your money and also use out of your kit. In my entry today I want to talk to you about getting the most out of your cycling wardrobe.

Looking at items from within cycling wardrobe the most commonly used items are your bib shorts. These generally get used all season and even during the colder winter months, such as under your bib tights or when training hard on the turbo. When considering buying bibs shorts I have always recommended to look at the chamois first and foremost. For people new to cycling who are reading this, the chamois is the padded area in the shorts. This is the contact area where your skin and body will sit on the bike so it needs to have enough padding to be comfortable, but also be soft enough that it won’t rub on your skin. A good chamois should have thicker padding on the rear where your pelvic bones will sit and will taper and become generally thinner on the frontal area.

Another important factor with bib shorts to consider is grippers around the knee area. The silicon grippers will help to hold the shorts in place and stop them from riding up (no pun intended!). The bibs themselves that come up and around your shoulder area don’t want to be too tight as this can restrict movement and over time will become uncomfortable.

Cycling jerseys come in many different designs, fabrics and colours nowadays and there is so much choice out there. If your looking for value for money and trying to figure out how much per wear a certain jersey will cost, then I would always recommend going for an intermediate style jersey if you live in the UK (This is based on the assumption that you ride all year round). The main reasons for this is that they work well in colder months as you can use them as a base layer themselves and they also work well in the summer on there own. For most cyclists in the UK, this type of long sleeve jersey will be ideal and will get used the most from within your cycling wardrobe. A good long sleeve cycling jersey like this will offer real value and will become one of your most used items.

I hope you have gained something from my entry today and that it has helped you in some way. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas for future entries then please get in touch with us.

Until next time,

Happy cycling,

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