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Blog - Liverpool to Chester Ride

Liverpool to Chester Ride
By Mark Jul 3, 2017 3:22:41 PM Comments

The Liverpool to Chester bike ride took place yesterday and here at Arrivée we attended at our local feed station at Neston. This feed station was located at approximately 20 miles from the start and there was a great selection of refreshments, coffee and cake available. It was great to see so many people out and enjoying cycling - the weather was fantastic and the community centre at Neston was a great venue for the riders to stop at.

After setting up our stand that showcased each of the ranges that we have in stock this season, the morning was spent talking to cyclists stopping for a quick re-charge to find out how their rides were going so far. It was interesting to speak with so many people from a variety of backgrounds, all brought together through cycling. It just further cemented how inclusive cycling really is and the sense of fun and team spirit could really be seen and felt throughout the day. There were families, couples (even a couple on a tandem), racing cyclists and mountain bikers – so something for everyone!

Many of the cyclists taking part in the event rode for various charities and again it was fantastic to hear everyone’s individual goals and journeys in relation to riding in the event. Although many experienced cyclists took advantage of the buzzing atmosphere on the roads, the vast majority of the cyclists in attendance were social riders who are new to the sport and hopefully this ride will encourage them to ride again in the future! We highly recommend that for those of you who are new to the sport to ride with a group who can help and guide you along your own learning – it can be a great way to really grow your confidence and before you know it you’ll be flying solo!

At Arrivée we would like to congratulate all the riders that took part and thank the staff at the community centre, as well as others who helped to organise this event. Perhaps next year if you are local or passing by this region we will see you there!

Until next time,

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