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Blog - Lu's Cycling Story

Lu's Cycling Story
By Lu Jul 21, 2017 11:28:00 AM Comments

Hello Riders!

My last blog post spoke about some of the factors that motivate you to get on your bike and today I’d like to talk a little about the experiences I’ve had over the past few weeks…

One of my main motivations aside from obviously feeling fitter, was to increase my own confidence by trying something completely different! As I’ve mentioned, the idea of clipping my feet in and almost feeling ‘stuck’ to the bike initially, was definitely a concept that took some time getting used to - especially in slightly more crowded areas where I was just as worried I’d make a fool of myself as staying upright to begin with!

But after speaking around to even the most experienced riders, this is something that all riders have faced at some point and will even continue to face even with years of experience in the saddle. Now, I’m quite happy to laugh these mishaps off as part of the learning process! As some of you may have seen, my first graceful fall was even captured on camera so there was no escaping it (see video below for evidence of my epic fall)

Another confidence factor I face even now is being on the roads themselves. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’d highly recommend for newer riders to try riding at quieter times on less ‘traffic-heavy’ roads initially. I personally found that by at eliminating at least one of the stress factors, I could build up my confidence in my own time and at my own pace.  Now that I finally feel better with the actual technique involved, the multi-tasking seems a little less daunting! Choosing  and planning quieter routes is also a great way of increases the chances of avoiding mainstream traffic and peak times on the roads. Another thing I’ve personally found when learning is that starting off on shorter rides is another great way to build a sense of confidence with your achievements, before plunging in to a much longer or more challenging ride.

If you’re new to cycling yourself then why not drop us a message and share your own experiences with us? One of the most motivating aspects can be to share your own stories with other riders and learn together. Here at Arrivée we strongly believe that cycling is for everyone to enjoy and the bigger the family the better!

Until next time,

Lu x


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