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Nutrition and Cycling
By Lu Jun 12, 2017 10:40:00 AM Comments

Hello Riders,

Today I thought I would I cover the topic of nutrition in my blog entry today. As most of us know, you get out what you put in, so here goes.

Nutrition is one of the most importnat factors in cycling and with many teams trying to emulate 'Team Sky's" marginal gains apparoach it's easy to see why nutrtion has become even more important. Now unless you are on a team with hands-on guidance as to what you should and shouldn’t be eating, diet and nutrition can become an absolute minefield of varying opinions, facts and figures!

Nowadays you only have to google anything to find a vast range of information regarding diet and nutrition. It’s everywhere - whether that be on magazine covers or social media – the sports and fitness industry (and cycling is no exception) is well and truly booming at the moment. Fitness may even be part of the reason you decided to get on a bike in the first place! So how do you know which ‘scientific study’ or ‘professional opinion’ to believe? In my personal opinion (for what it’s worth) I’ve learnt over time that unfortunately at time, the fitness industry is exactly that – an industry. It has almost become solely about the production of goods and information for our consumption, whilst almost missing out on some of the basic facts…we’re human! No two body are the same, so why would we expect our dietary needs or requirements to be the same?!

With there being a never-ending spectrum of knowledge on this area, today I just want to start this particular series of blogs on one of the basics, no numbers, no science (just yet!) and no fads…

So when you cycle you need energy right? Well that is exactly your ‘calories’ are referring to – units of energy. I’ve seen far too many people around me cut calories and then wonder why they haven’t enough energy for exercise! Although for losing weight, yes it’s true you need to take in fewer calories than you are expending (just a little maths!), but far too often people seem to live by the false mantra that ‘low calorie’ is good.

Although this is often not the very first food group people think of in the current fitness industry, this is where the energy requirements lie…Carbohydrates! I promise you that these are not the enemy! Within cycling these are your main source of energy and the determining factor in how long and hard you can train on your bike, walk and work. Although I’m not saying to just throw in the whole packet of pasta for one just yet (even though I hold my hands up to that one!), being simply aware of how much you are getting is a great way of figuring out for yourself how much you actually need. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that not all carbohydrates are equal in the energy stakes and this is something that I will go into a bit more detail in future posts.

So as promised, I’ll leave this here as a just a brief starting point on nutrition within cycling. In future posts about diet I will be sharing my own personal food plans as well the other food groups just to share with you all what works for me. I’d also love to hear from anyone who has their own tips that they’d like to share! Please do get in touch with us at to share any of your thoughts.

Until next time,

Lu x

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