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Photo Shoot Review
By Lu Jun 16, 2017 2:43:40 PM Comments

Hello Riders!

As you may have already seen on the website or on the Arrivee social media pages, we recently went along to North Wales for a photo shoot to get some new snaps of our latest ranges. With the weather here in the UK being a bit hit and miss lately, it’s been hard to predict and plan a day where we could expect some sunshine. Well, we couldn’t have been luckier yesterday!

With a couple of our riders being familiar with the scenery and roads from training, we decided that the best way to do it was to just head up there and see where the moment took us for the perfect location. First stop was World’s End, which is just between Wrexham and Llangollen. Just driving through here I’m sure there would be no surprises as to why this was the perfect first location. The clear roads and picturesque scenery make for the perfect backdrop and so with the camera at the ready it was time to get rolling!

After deciding which of the cycling jerseys was going to make its debut on the roads…first stop was rolling straight down a hill to prepare for an uphill shot. As with all true sportspersons, I decided to conserve energy by letting the wheels just take me down so I could save all my power for coming back up…at this point I should note – I was unaware that my chain had come of mid-transit from Arrivée HQ to the location. Since I’m not quite sure on the whole ‘bike maintenance’ yet, with being unaware of how to re-set the chain it was time to call uphill for help. After a couple of minutes of unsuccessful attempts at hailing help, and some rather bewildered looks from the local crowd of sheep (who’s blissful peace I’d inconveniently interrupted by the echoing sounds of discontent!), help finally arrived and I managed to get back on track!

After plenty of successful shots (eventually!) and some more encouragement from the local wool patrol, it was time to move onwards and upwards! We then headed up towards the Horseshoe Pass where we were able to enjoy the views and soak up the sunshine one last time before heading back for some lunch.

As I’m sure you’ll see from the pictures we had a great time enjoying the scenery and sunshine and if you have any ride pictures of your own then please do share them with us!

To see all the latest cycling kit, you can head over to the website where the full ranges of both Men’s and Women’s apparel are available. Our day out in North Wales will also be up on our Facebook page very soon so do keep a look out! In my next blog I’ll talk in a bit more detail about the full range of Women’s cycling jerseys that are available at Arrivee, as well as how they’ve stood up to the elements in my rides, so make sure you check it out!

Until next time,

Lu x

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