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Blog - Snowdonia Photo Shoot

Snowdonia Photo Shoot
By Mark Nov 14, 2017 2:55:30 PM Comments

Last Sunday our team from Arrivée headed out on a photo shoot to the beautiful Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, to get some shots of our latest range of winter cycling apparel. As expected for a November day high in the Welsh mountains it was cold, windy, wet and also a little snowy right at the top. Our team consisted of the two Dave Rayner funded riders, James Wilkinson and Max Spedding, that Arrivée has helped them out with cycling clothing this year and our photographer Steve Aland.

We left Arrivée HQ early on Sunday morning, minus James, as he wanted to get some training miles in beforehand and agreed to meet us there. We all met at the fantastic Zip World Café  (where coincidently cyclists are more than welcome – plus there coffee, cake and foods is delicious) just after 11 and got ready for our first set of shots. As soon as we headed out the heavens opened and the sleet started driving in, luckily for the riders they where dressed for the occasion in full winter cycling clothing, but our poor photographer Steve was stood still and freezing on the side of the road. Once Steve was happy we had the shots we needed, we packed up the van and headed further and higher into Snowden, towards Plas-Y-Brenin for our next set of pictures.

Max Cycling Snowdonia

As we where driving through the twisting lanes we came across a someone selling coffee and cakes, parked rather randomly at the side of the road in a narrow parking place. Being cyclists and also being massively addicted to coffee we had to stop and get our fix, plus it helped to warm us all up for the next set of shots, which where only just up the road. A quick wardrobe change into new kit and Max was back out on the road with Steve getting some cracking shots, however James had suffered a puncture and was struggling to change the tube and get the thorn out of his tyre. After a lot of sympathy and some mild sarcasm James was back on the road again – and Steve caught some great shots of him in the Deep Winter Elite Bundle from Arrivée. 

Finally we headed to the highest point on todays shoot, Pen-y-Pas and by now the sun had dropped and the wind was getting up. The top of the mountains where covered in snow and the steep climb up made for some great shots, although I think by now James was beginning to feel it in his legs, having already done 4 hours training beforehand. At the top we all regrouped, had a quick look at the photos to check we had what we needed and began our journey back to the Wirral.

Sunday was a great day out and we got some fabulous shots and spent most of the day laughing and joking with mates and this reminds me why I love cycling so much. It’s about getting out into beautiful, un-spoilt places, seeing the world and laughing with your mates.

Looking ahead to our next shoots we really want to get some video footage done and start creating some footage that we can share and document our experiences. If you are interested in doing this and have experience in this field and would like to work with us, please do reach out and get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

A special thanks to James, Max and our photographer Steve Aland for taking the time to help get this photo shoot organised,

Until next time, 

Arrivée Performance Clothing – Winning Style.


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