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Travelling with your bike
By Max Aug 1, 2017 1:49:59 PM Comments

Are you going away with you bike this summer? Chances are if you’re a keen cyclist like me then you are planning on taking at least one trip overseas this year with your bike. This means that you’re most prized possession, your bike with be in the hands of the baggage handles at the airports….

As you can imagine this will fill most of us will dred and horror as we have all heard stories and incidents of bikes being destroyed and broken whist in transit. In my entry today I want to talk about packaging your bike and I will try and offer some advice that I learnt over the years.

The first thing to mention I suppose is just how well the industry for bike bags and boxes has come on in recent years. When I first travelled with my bike it was just a case of putting in an oversized padded bag. As you can imagine I had my fair share of dents and scratches as a result of this. Time has luckily moved on and hard shell bike boxes are much more the norm nowadays.

Below I have listed the things that I always do when getting ready to travel with my bike:

  • Remove pedals so the bike can lie as flush and flat as possible
  • Remove wheels and deflate the tires, remove skewers
  • Take off bottle cages
  • Insert a fork spacer into the front forks and one into the rear triangle. If possible, it’s best to use an old pair of hubs.
  • Remove the rear mech and wrap it in bubble wrap.
  • Take off /turn handlebars downwards and get them to lie flush with the bike when flat. Remember to use masking tape and mark up where you bars have been. This will help with quicker assembly once you arrive at your destination.
  • Remove your seat and seat pin – remembering to mark up your position with masking tape again.
  • Wheel bags – make sure your wheels have the tires deflated, skewers removed and the wheels are inserted into bags.
  • Wrap the frame in foam pipe lagging. You may need a variety of different diameters depending upon your frame.
  • Wrap the frame in bubble wrap and pay extra attention to the delicate areas such as forks and rear triangle.
  • Use a tick piece of foam to insert the between the frame and the wheels.

Here’s an import piece of advice once the bike is safely packaged  – don’t forget to take your multi tool, allen keys and any spanners with you that you will need to assemble the bike when you get to your destination. Also, it worth remembering to not have any loose items inside your bike box or bike bag that will rattle around or move about during transit.

My final piece of advice for going away with you bike, take all you’re cycling clothing with you. Even if it’s given great weather, take everything. There is nothing worse than not having the right kit to ride in when you're away. It better to have it with you and be prepared than to not have it and not be able to ride.

I hope this short entry has offered you some useful advice on travelling with you bike. If it has been please do share it on Facebook and Twitter so that other cyclists can benefit.

As always if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions please do reach out and get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you,

Until next time,

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