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Blog - Welcome to Arrivée Performance Clothing....

Welcome to Arrivée Performance Clothing....
By Mark B Jul 28, 2016 3:21:40 PM Comments

First blog post here we go..... so my name is Mark Baker and back in the good old days I spent much of my youth racing push bikes. Fast forward 20 years and I've been busy building a textiles company and enjoying cycling as a spectator with the odd foray out into North Wales.

So here I am today and I've been looking at getting back into cycling for some time and wanted to combine what I already know (fabrics) and combine it with my absolute passion (cycling) and out of this combination Arrivée Performance Clothing has been born.

Please watch this space, I love the absolute best in products and innovation and can't wait to get going with this business. I have some massive plans and really hope you enjoy Arrivée Performance Clothing products and the journey to keep getting better and faster,

Until next time,

Mark :-)

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