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Blog - Winter Bike Etiquette

Winter Bike Etiquette
By Max Nov 23, 2017 10:00:05 PM Comments

So the time has come to lift out your trusted winter bike and begin serious training for 2018. This means ensuring your bike is ready to ride and endure the best of the of the fine British winter weather that will be coming its way. In my entry today I want to talk a little about my thought on winter bikes, whether or not to have a good bike or whether or not to ride an old rubbish steed. I also want to look at the age-old argument… should winter bikes have mudguards?

On to my first point - should you ride a good winter bike or not? Personally, for me I am of the opinion a good well-serviced winter bike is well worth having. There are a number of reason for this but the main one being is that if you train regularly, you are going spend nearly as much time on your winter bike as you would on your summer bike. So in theory at least, you should ride a bike that has the same/similar dimensions as your summer bike and that it is sturdy enough to withstand the harsh British weather.

When it comes to mudguards on your winter bike, I understand that this is something of a personal issue and can cause quite a stir amongst cyclists. In my opinion, I don’t ride with mudguards and don’t like them and I find them clumsy and unsightly on a road bike. Having said this, I tend to mainly ride on my own or with a single training partner. With this in mind, if you ride in groups or go out on a lot of club rides, then I would say that mudguards are a must really. It’s only fair to the other riders who ride with you. Nobody wants to get covered in muck from the farmer’s lanes!

In recent times the development of indoor training has been a great help for cyclists who need to train in winter months when the weather outside is too extreme to ride. Apps such as Zwift are a great way of keeping up with your training and also staying social during the dark winter nights. If you do have to ride in cold conditions outside and get the long winter miles in, then be sure to get the best possible Cycling Clothing to keep you warm on your rides. It’s always advisable to wear a number of thinner layers as opposed to just one thicker layer. This should help to trap heat more effectively, as well as keeping the wind off you and keeping you dry in showers.

One other quick point to remember on your winter bike - be sure to wash and service it regularly. The roads in the UK get worse and worse the further into winter we get and your bike will take a hammering if you’re training hard. Be sure to clean it and get any salt and grit out of the gears and chain - this should help keep you riding smoothly all through the winter season.

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