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Winter Training
By James Oct 26, 2017 9:57:29 AM Comments

For many bike riders who race and compete the end of October usually signals the beginning of winter training for the following season. After enjoying a month or so completely off the bike, it is always great to get back on the bike and start riding again, albeit slowly at first. In recent years there has been a plethora of new products hitting the market and offering new ground breaking advances in training that will promise serious increases in performance. In all honesty, in my opinion there is no real substitute to just getting on the bike and doing the required miles and training that are required for your goals and objectives. This is the important bit here – your goals and objectives. For example; if you are only focusing on shorter TT's on the UK domestic scene, you don’t need to be doing hundreds of miles a week on the road. I would even argue that you could potentially get through the winter training by just doing very specific training on a turbo/ Zwift. 

Weight Training – I’m a big believer in training in the gym during the off season and for a number of reasons. During the winter months it’s important to address any niggles or imbalances that you may have had during the season and weight bearing exercises are a great way of doing this. Another important factor and advantage gained from doing weights during the off season is the incease in strength and muscle density. Just looking at this from a common sense perspective alone makes this activity a real must do in any winter training program.

Cross Training – They say change is as good as a rest and cross training is a great way to stay in shape and still maintain your fitness levels. Activities such as running and swimming are great ways to keep you ticking over and offer a welcome change to the strict regime of cycling that is normally observed during the season.

Complete Rest – This is really important to try and do and if it’s not done correctly or you start training to soon you will not hit your targets or objectives the following seasons. It’s as simple as that. Making sure you are completely rested both mentally and physically is the most important part of training in the off season. As an example a number of world tour riders will often take at least 4-6 week completely off the bike at the end of the season. This way they can start straining fresh and see a real improvement in their performance again once they start riding again.

When it comes to starting training again make sure that you are feeling fresh and motivated and also ensure that you have the correct kit for the time of the year. Ensure that you are dressed in the correct cycling clothing and make sure that your winter bike has been serviced and is ready to ride. If you ride in the dark, check that your lights are working and that you have high visibility clothing.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog today and if you have any suggestions, ideas for future blogs or would like to write a blog for us then please do reach out and get in touch with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages,

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