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Women's Cycling
By Lu Oct 6, 2017 1:50:27 PM Comments

Women’s cycling has gone through something of a real popularity boost in the past couple of years and this has seen a record number of ladies getting on bikes and taking up cycling. This can only be a good thing for everyone as we all know the benefits of staying active and keeping fit. 

In today’s entry I wanted to talk about getting into cycling and take a look at things that may be of concern to riders who are new to cycling. I will cover topics such as riding in cold weather, riding on the open roads, riding in groups and most importantly the social side of cycling. 

In the UK it’s more often colder than it is warmer; however don’t let out you off from going out on your bike. If you do decide to go out in the cooler or damp weather then it’s really important to dress for the occasion and ensure you are kept warm and comfortable when cycling. Wearing the correct Women’s Cycling Clothing will make feel better and more confident on the road and will also ensure you are kept protected from the elements. When riding in these conditions I have always recommended wearing a number of thin layers with a thicker winter long sleeve jersey over the top. This has a real benefit of keeping the wind out and will also help to keep your drier. 

Cycling on open roads can be both a daunting and exciting experience for new riders. One thing I always try and advise new cyclists is to follow the rules of the road. I know this might sound obvious but so often cyclists really don’t themselves any favours by jumping red lights and riding right in the middle of the road. I agree it’s important to ride out from the kerb so that you can be seen and this is the point here, so you can be seen. Try to ride in a considerate manner to other road users and ride confidently and you should be fine. Try to be aware of your surroundings and when passing parked cars don't forget to check over your should before moving out and be aware of the car your passing. If you are riding with clipless pedals for the first time then I would recommend riding on a quiet road or closed roads first, so you can gain full confidence before heading out on to the wide open roads. The short video below is of me falling off whilst clipping in and out of pedals - rest assured I was fine and have been applauded by lots of other cyclists. 

Riding in groups and close to other riders is something that you get used to and in all honesty, it is something that comes with practice. When you first go out with a group, riding on other riders ‘wheels’ as it’s referred to is something that can seem scary. Rest assured this is a natural feeling and after a couple of rides you will be fine and pedaling away in the group. There are a number of benefits to riding in a group, the main one been safety, as you are more visible to other road users. It is aso easier as well as you get shelter and cover from the wind! 

Cycling is one of the best sports for being social and recently there has been a lot of investment in creating rides for women. Events such as the HSBC Breeze rides that have been held in cities across the UK have been instrumental in getting more women out on their bikes and really do add a social element to your riding. If you are unsure about going out on your own or are looking for a group to ride with locally, search for HSBC Breeze events and I’m pretty sure you will find a group locally who you can ride with. 

I hope you have found this blog entry useful and if you have any questions or suggestions for us then please do reach out and make contact us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we would love you hear from you, 

Until next time, 

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