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Blog - Women's Summer Cycling Apparel

Women's Summer Cycling Apparel
By Lu Jun 6, 2017 10:52:01 AM Comments

It's a cold and wet day here today at Arriveée HQ so being an optimist I thought I'd write today's entry on summer cycling kit and think back to a recent ride ride when the sun was out and it was warm! The cover pic above was taken in Burton, Cheshire and overlooks North Wales in the distance.

So today is just a quick blog entry where I’d like to talk to you about one of the essential parts of a cycling kit in the summer for women – a short sleeve jersey! With there being so much choice it can often be hard to decide which is the best option for you and your riding, but certain factors in making that decision generally remain the same across the cycling population – we want our cycling kit to be comfortable and fit for purpose, as well as looking good when out on the roads!

When it comes to choosing a jersey that is designed for performance, one of the first things to look at is the material itself. As within any high quality sports performance clothing, the actual fabric itself plays a crucial role in keeping sweat away from the body as well as feeling comfortable against the skin. Having a performance based fit is also a great way of feeling as though you are wearing a second skin and is often chosen by experienced and novice riders alike.

As well as the fit and function of the fabric, the finer details of many good quality cycling jerseys are now a determining factor in choosing the best jersey for your cycling requirements.  The addition of silicon grippers around the base of the jersey will keep the jersey in place over other cycling apparel whilst riding, as well as fitted sleeves to ensure that they remain flush against the skin. To even further extend the practicalities – short sleeve cycling jerseys still come with pockets on the back to store all of your essentials whilst out on the road.

When it comes to women’s cycling kit, aside from the practical side of the fit and functionality of a jersey, I also want a design that is going to make me look and feel good when I’m riding It may not be a fashion parade when you’re out on the road, but let’s face it – from a woman’s perspective I often find that when I find new kit that make me feel good, it can be that little bit of encouragement that we can sometimes need to keep pedalling!

 As with all cycling apparel, fashions come and go and with many different types of designs available, it can often be daunting when faced with lots of choice! This is why at Arrivée, as well as have all the essential performance aspects that you would expect from a high quality piece of cycling kit, we also choose designs that are as stylish as they are practical. We have chosen designs and colours that are not only modern and stylish, but also classic in the sense that they will never look out of place when paired with any other cycling kit.

Well I hope you are all making the most of the great British summer as best as you can and enjoy some miles on the road whilst the sun is shining! If you have any cycling snaps of you sporting our summer jerseys (or any other pieces of kit from our ranges), then don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram to feature on our page!

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